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I was wandering through the blogosphere this morning and stopped in for a visit at Tarheel Red. It’s one of the many blogs I discovered when I first started writing here a few months ago. I enjoy reading it partly for the author’s writing skill, but also because my husband often talks about wanting to retire to North Carolina some day. Of course, I’m still hoping to win the lottery before then, so I can buy a nice piece of mountain property for my luxury estate…but those are daydreams for another time.

Tarheel had an interesting post, Abortion: What Is It?, to which I started to write a comment, when I realized that I apparently had much more to say on the topic than originally anticipated. So, I thought I’d give it a go at writing this post instead. I often find words limited in their ability to accurately express both feeling and opinions, especially on such controversial topics. But the more practice we get, the easier it becomes…

I used to be strongly pro-choice, but that was back when I naively believed that someone would surely only make such a decision under dire circumstances. Nowadays, it seems that many people want to use it as a means to skirt responsibility. There’s no need for caution in regards to safe sex, when we can reserve the inconvenience of worrying about that until after we get pregnant. All the while, we’re being egged on by a President who makes public statements that he doesn’t want his daughters to be “punished with a baby” because they made a mistake in judgment.



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