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Throughout all of the arguments regarding the size of government, one important fact is often overlooked.  It’s not about freedom and liberty or regulation and control.  It’s not a matter of opinion, but a fact, which can be laid out mathematically, plain as day:  Creating government jobs has a detrimental impact on the economy of the country many times as great as the benefit of creating private sector jobs.  How, you ask?  What’s the big difference?  It’s just a difference of ideology, right?  WRONG! Let’s start with an example, because who doesn’t love a good example.  Let’s say you live in a country of 100,000 “working” citizens.  And…of those 100,000, exactly 1,000 of them work for the government.  Let’s also assume that every “working” citizen makes exactly $100,000 per year.  (You can use any numbers you want.  This isn’t a trick.  It’s just easier to use round numbers.)  So, the entire income of all citizens in the country is:

100,000 x $100,000 = $10,000,000,000 (ten billion dollars)

Keeping in mind that 1,000 of these “workers” are government employees, the entire government salaries would add up to a grand total of:

1,000 x $100,000 = $100,000,000 (one hundred million dollars)

So…in order to be able just to pay the government employees, the entire country would have to be taxed at a rate of:

$100,000,000 / $10,000,000,000 = .01 (1%)

And each employee would pay taxes of:

$100,000 x .01 (1%) = $1,000

Let’s assume the cost of all the government programs is equal to the government employee salaries, or $100,000,000 (This number will remain the same throughout).  So, in the scenario described above, the entire government expenditures and tax revenue would both be $200,000,000 (two hundred million dollars) and each “worker” would pay $2,000 (2%) in taxes.

Now the fun part…JOB CREATION!!!  Let’s create private sector jobs, first… (more…)

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